Pink Bombi

Pink Bombi


I made a bag with the internets. You can find it only on Envelop, shipped worlwide at your door for 21€.
This is the card with the same design, available at Alpacha distro in Rome, Italy.

Re delle Aringhe

Re delle Aringhe


I’ve set up a website for a friend: Re delle Aringhe. Intricate lines and exploding colours! My favourite drawing is probably this one below (from this series).
Go Massi, go!



Led by Mara Skujeniece, Studio Skujeniece designs furniture and interior products. Central to Mara’s work which takes much of its inspiration from her Latvian origins, is the tactility of material, honesty in expression and a well thought-out process.
Mi piacciono in particolare

Pencil Vs Camera - 1

Pencil Vs Camera!


According to my own experience, people in Belgium seem to have great, visionary ideas when it comes to the subject of drawing&photography together. The whole Photo Doodling experience started after I saw


Evelien Lohbeck


Evelien Lohbeck crea bellissimi film. Qui sotto il mio preferito.


Video Doodling


Video + doodles + stop motion = Varelsen. This is love. Corporate commercials can be magic, too. Be sure to check all the videos, especially this amazing series.

Pacemaker – this is how it works from ljudbilden on Vimeo.

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