Led by Mara Skujeniece, Studio Skujeniece designs furniture and interior products. Central to Mara’s work which takes much of its inspiration from her Latvian origins, is the tactility of material, honesty in expression and a well thought-out process.
Mi piacciono in particolare

Organelle Hangelier



Bellissimi questi lampadari realizzati con…stampelle di plastica o legno! Idea e design di Organelle: un piccolo studio indipendente con base a Vancouver, British Columbia. (via)
Our work starts with a simple premise: waste is the most abundant local

Budapest über alles


Ciao, eccomi di nuovo.
Sono stata tre giorni a Budapest, e, a parte prendermi una gastroenterite infernale proprio all’ultimo, sono capitata in mezzo ad una fiera di design/handmade magiaro. Dove c’erano un sacco di cose


Sounds Butter


The intention for this project was to make sound visible. As there is already a variety of ways in which sounds can be seen (equalizers, sub-titles, etc.), my aim was to produce a device where that representation of sound would be a physical one.




Rubik + Pantone = Rubitone. Bellissima idea DIY di Ignacio Pilotto. Rompicapo e palette tridimensionale allo stesso tempo.
* sorry for have been away so long


Julien Vallée


My name is Julien Vallée and I am a graphic designer based in Montréal, Canada. I am working on a range of projects including art direction, motion graphic, print design, art installation and video + design for

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