Spring is for shopping (bags)


I made some new bags in collaboration with Pluriball and they’re 100% handmade: we cutted, sewed and embroidered them all by ourselves.
Dimensions: 14×16 inches approx, handles 25 inches approx.
Materials: cotton.
Color: acid yellow, gray pocket with yellow embroidery, acid yellow handles.

Pink Bombi

Pink Bombi


I made a bag with the internets. You can find it only on Envelop, shipped worlwide at your door for 21€.
This is the card with the same design, available at Alpacha distro in Rome, Italy.

Fiorita tote bag

Shop update


I made four bags. Until now, I sewed only one bag at a time but the other day I projected (choosing fabrics and shapes), cutted and sewed them “in a batch”, because I wanted to try and see if I’d be saving some

cotton tote bag

Modello Numero Quattro: G.(iuditta)


Sorry for the crap quality pic, I took it at deep night with almost no light. I made this bag to send overseas, while obsessively listening to this song. I like the way it begins and then completely changes direction.
Not having

3 pom pom (pom)


Richiesta tanto tempo fa, questa borsa ha avuto mesi di gestazione. Non ero mai soddisfatta, e non lo sono tuttora.
Una componente del segretissimo clan mi aveva infatti consegnato un paio di jeans di velluto a costine elasticizzato (e una gonna di pelle nera, che

melmino bag

Melmino bag


Questa è in viaggio per Johannesburg, Sud Africa. Ho fatto uno swap, che è un modo inglese per dire che ci si scambiano le cose, una sorta di baratto. Io ho cucito questa per una fellow craftster in Sud Africa, e a

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