Cimba ha origine dall’acqua di fiume un po’ sporco e vive attualmente nella Roma meridionale. La sua essenza soggiace a un’importante trasformazione quando, dopo una sonnifera giovinezza dedicata al sogno ad occhi aperti, decide di atterrare sul pianeta del taglio e cucito. Si dedica quindi all’arte del perder tempo e alla tecnica dell’uncinetto senza regole, mentre contemporaneamente studia origami facile e approssimativo ed eccelle in dilettantismo applicato.

Ciao! è quando saluti qualcuno con entusiasmo.

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I’m a grown up child. I was born and live in Rome, Italy and I’m an old Europe daughter. I never wanted to do maths, so I studied ancient latin and greek and proceeded to cultural anthropology and ethnology. Later on I discovered the digital world and felt in love with it, so that my main income now proceeds from internet and web related things.

My grandma and mom taught me to knit, but I only did a scarf or two at the time. My mother is voted to crafting in general, and she did a good job to not push her hobbies to me, so I eventually became a big fan of them by myself. My father is a geek and he had no success to pass his interests to me, until he stopped, so that I could became a tech-lover myself.

In a room of my own, I started to crochet, which I had always seen as magic mistery. I bought my sewing machine and I reinforced the belief that modern technology is a true friend of mine. I like mainly to think, and sometimes I manage to put my hands at work too. I’m fond of everything’s handmade, crafted or DIY. I started this blog and later website to report my creative experiments and to spread the love about arts&crafts. I appreciate colours and nature. I’m an outsider and I don’t like to smile without a purpose, although you may catch me doing so.