Where were you in 2011?

This blog has not being updated as a blog from quite a long time, so, meanwhile I do (not necessarily) think about what to do with this site, I thought to share some things I did last year.


Inspired by the work of Anastassia Elias, me and Tso made a paper roll installation for a disco night here in town.


I tried to do something different with a bunch of my postcards laying around.


With Tso again, we made a book for Edizioni Fantasma’s project. We decided to refer to our collaboration as Carmen Praxedes. We eventually abandoned the book around, as the project required.


I started 365at5. Only one month left till the end now!

J Mascis

I got to see J Mascis play.


I made a cheap chain necklace based upon a beautiful one my mom made about 30 years ago.


I put my embroidery machine at work again.

Together with my knit/crochet squad, we set up some thread scenery in the woods.


I visited Rome’s Botanical Garden, at last.

Flexi is over

My very very favourite cafe/library closed, so the knit squad and I made some gifts to the survivors, as something fun to remember.


I worked on the redesign of a friend theatre group: Teatro Pantegano.


I was told to play harmonica, but I tried with no success.

I walked in the woods with some friends.


I put together the knit squad mascotte for this year. It’s still without a face! Divo and Sgonfio are past years mascottes.


Hopped on a horse again, after so long.

Made some theatre shooting for a friend. Several years had passed from the last time.


I drew a sad face, trying to make less sad faces myself (fail!).


I went to New York! Last time was in 1998. I had never seen it during autumn, it’s super.


I started A Step Behind, in addiction to my eyes diary.


Printed few analogic photos (some are very old) for Analogica.

Ladybug pop-up card

Found a pop-up card I made in 2004.


Machine embroidered some shoppers, sewed by a friend, for Alpacha distro.

try the crocodile

Tried some crocodile stitch.

That’s all folks! See you around, mostly on flickr, tumblr or facebook (also twitter if you like).

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L’aggiornamento sporadico come metafora di un tempo di blogger che furono.

Che poi è un po’ come la fotografia su pellicola.

Io nel 2011 ho fatto una figlia.

Beh diciamo meglio che ho contribuito.

Sarò a Roma per il 23/24 marzo.


11-2-2012 // 10:44

Il tuo operato per il 2011 è sintetico ma efficace :)
Fatti sentire che proviamo a vederci.

11-2-2012 // 12:04

Spettacolare, Cimba, questo tuo 2011.
Avrei mille domande da farti, eye-shot davvero interessanti, complimenti!

16-2-2012 // 10:01

Grazie! Non so cosa sia un eye-shot ma spero niente di brutto :)
Per le domande, quando vuoi.

16-2-2012 // 13:05

ma come?? e io che volevo fa’ la splendida!!!

16-2-2012 // 16:19